The Female Diet


The foods that best fuel exercise for females are colorful carbohydrates.


Like men, women who exercise metabolize these foods better than women who don't exercise.


Exercise is the single best thing a woman can do to improve her health. If done properly, exercise can restore proper skeletal alignment, improve the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, reduce blood pressure, lower the concentration of LDL-cholesterol and instill a more positive attitude in life.


An exercise program that includes stretching is recommended because intense exercise and aging contributes to the progressive shortening of muscle fibers.

Stretching therefore delays aging by better resisting the forces of gravity

Muscles and ligaments should be stretched only after adequate warming has occurred in order to maintain elasticity.



The Ancient Greeks viewed exercise or activity, as part of a normal diet.


Female athletes will remain young longer in life and have a better quality of life than sedentary females.



Proper exercise enables a female to strengthen her skeleton by engaging groups of muscles through their full range of movements.

This gives the body strength and proper alignment.


Together with molecular balance, a strong body is more resistant to illness.



Women function best from a combination of aerobic, strength and flexibility exercises.




Hindered movement is caused by arthritis, compensations and inactivity.

This program recommends functional exercises to correct those imbalances.



To counter the harmful consequences of exercise, (free radical attacks,tears and inflammation), a good diet must provide the natural anti-inflammatory and colorful antioxidants that are embedded in the fibers of the carbohydrate foods and synthesized by the botanical factories of plants.


The ingredients have been assembled into Green Red and Blue libraries and are available on a subscription basis as as set of smoothies and drinks.




Good health is based on maintainig molecular balance.


When a good balance between receptor and hormones exists, cells respond in the manner that nature intended them to.

And when they are in imbalance, they do not respond to the brains instructions properly, which causes disease.



Good molecular balance is based on good nutritional behavior.



Poor choices made on food, exercise, drugs and rest alters the ideal balance and results in disease.


Here in America, there is an unhealthy alignment of interests that promotes imbalance.

Illness and imbalance are profitable.

Two negative consequences of imbalance is obesity and nutritional diabetes.

Obesity is inactivity fueled by food addiction.


This form of diabetes is often caused by frequent snacking and damaged receptors.


The diets obese women follow (extreme carbohydrate restricted diets) reverse the metabolic imbalance of improper sugar metabolism.


These diets and the other high protein diets are very valuable to them but unhealthy for female athletes.



A colorful diet will help female athletes promote this healthy balance.


This is counbter to the common acceptance that high protein diets are good diets.

High protein diets are pro arthritic diets.




Females on this program are assured that an abundance of antioxidants will be available to help their bodies cope with the stress of exercise.



Antioxidants are needed in higher amounts for them because they need to quench the enormous burst of free radicals that follows exercise.


The failure of free radicals to mount attacks against a cell’s liporproteins and membrane receptors prevents the initiation of disease.



The source of power in this program lies in the ability of food to influence metabolic events.


These events are interactions between receptors and a ligands.



Begining with these interactions, a cascade of events follow and results in a myriad of interactions between the brain and the activities it controls.



Exercise promotes good health by stimulating the body to better manage stress.


Exercise restores the balance between sugar and insulin. 

It protects healthy HDL and removes lousy LDL. This alone improves health but that is just the beginning.


Dopamine and serotonin require balance for mental health, endorphins and Substance P are needed to manage pain.


Female athletes need a favorable ratio of omega-3s to omega-6 fats to maintain molecular balance.


 It accomplishes this by repressing inflammation thru the lowering of the amount of inflammatory mediators created.


In the case of the omegas, an imbalance between these polyunsaturated oils promotes inflammation and arthritis.


When they are in balanc, they do not.



A healthy balance is achieved by a series of molecular interactions or switches.

On a chemical level, the two entities combine with each other via electron release and attachemnt.



In some cases, this signals the formation of releasing and blocking factors which can then promote or hinder another reaction.

Its a cascade of molecular events, which are responsible for the final overall effect.


This mechanism functions as the 0’s and 1’s of biology, the yin-yang of the universe.



 These molecular events control growth and development as well as the ebb and flow of hormones.




The collective effect produced by the combination of the brain's normal mood transmitters, endorphins and brain receptors determines the mental outlook, threshold for pain and physical ability of the individual.


The molecular events that unfold in the bodies of athletes are predictable and efficient.


Their timings run smoothly as if the body had an automatic pilot switch that is flicked on by exercise.




Illness is the result of imbalance.

Exercise promotes balance.



Colorful foods are recommended because these foods best fuel exercise.



Exercise promotes good health by stimulating the body to manage stress.

For example, exercise restores the balance between sugar and insulin, protects healthy HDL and removes lousy LDL.

This alone improves health but that is just the beginning.


Just as dopamine and serotonin require balance for mental health, endorphins and Substance P are needed to manage pain.


It is the quality of this inner balance that reflects the outward balance we understand as good or poor health.



It is life's activities and old fashioned exercise that burns the calories of the food we eat.


Exercise is the fuel oi good health.


The absence of exercise in the diet causes disease.



The increased activity demanded by this program requires women to consume more efficient foods to fuel activity and more colorful ones to help them recover from it.



The muscle and bone strengthening effects of exercise require female athletes to provide adequate but not supra-normal amounts of protein in their meals.


Make no mistake, The Female Diet is a high carbohydrate diet and categorically states that for active athletes, high protein or carbohydrate restriction diets are a prescription for arthritis, cardiovascular disease and premature death.



The foods in this program contain a library of color pigments and a universe of phytonutrients.

They are mostly whole plants, because only the whole library of a plant can both fuel exercise and aid the body’s ability to heal.



Botanical products are usually added to flavor and spice up food but they also have a profound effect on health.


Not only do they give food a wonderful taste but they also prevent disease.


In this program, foods are treated as drugs.

Colorful foods are divided into white, green, red, white and blue, depending on the predominant pigment in the plant.


 Colorless foods include healthy oils, mushrooms, beans, seeds, nuts and grains.


Colorful foods are more efficient in energy exchanges and are higher in antioxidants than all other foods.

These increased amounts are needed because exercise increases the body’s demand for energy as well as the formation of free radicals.


Female athletes who eat healthy foods will perform better, have less pain and experience less trauma and injury than those who eat high protein foods and use drugs to control pain.



Female athletes who begin this exercise program early in life will delay their entry into menopause and its harmful consequence, osteoporosis.



Females need to exercise.


Exercise improves and maintains health and requires movement, the most beneficial activity in life.


Inactivity and sedentary behavior causes disease.


Movement was once a natural part of everyday life, but the American sedentary lifestyle and its inactivity has removed it.


Exercise restores movement to life.


The more sedentary and stressful the work, the more exercise that is required to counter it.


Movement is essential to good health.


Movement is dependent on a series of transmembrane proteins, charged ion particles and high-energy phosphate compounds.

All of which run on autopilot and not under any conscious control.

The only influence is thru the diet.


The chemical reactions they are involved in are dependent on mineral-complexed enzyme systems buried deep within the lipid folds of muscle mitochondria where enzymes convert glucose into ATP energy.  



It is in this form (ATP) that the energy stored in high energy phosphate bonds can be used.


These bonds are broken and reformed many times and each time they release or capture energy in the process.

High energy bonds are created only as a result of demand.


More demand creates more high energy compounds.

Frequent exercise increases ATP production and thus improves stamina and performance.T

he body learns and adapts by becoming more efficient. This is especially true of cell metabolism and vascular efficiency.

The more efficient metabolic state that athletes achieve through exercise improves their overall health and fitness.


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