Female Health

Female athletes compete and train as hard as men.


Female athletes are now exercising, walking, skiing and joining health clubs just as men do.


Female athletes swim, bike, attend aerobic, yoga and pilates classes.


They run, jump, stretch and bend as much as men. 



However, just as the nutritional needs of athletes as a whole differ from those of sedentary and unhealthy people, the needs of women differ from those of men.

Their talents, strengths and weaknesses are different from those of men, as does their biochemistry.




This program is designed for modern life. It is my hope that followers improve exercise performance, prevent injury and delay aging.

It is a program based on theories developed in the traditional systems of healing.  

It’s a return to the original principals, materials and methods of the Ancients who depended on plants to improve health and who considered Diet as a way of life and sum total of all energy exchanges.




This purely botanical approach is designed to improve exercise performance and improve health.

This program employs food as drugs and exercise as therapy.

It is founded on the concept of what is good for exercise is good for health.

It is a non-diet.

Its purpose is weight management, not weight loss.





 It is also a non-pharmaceutical approach to repress pain and inflammation.



Female athletes whose meals contain colorful plants and engage in intense exercise will unlock the power of self-care. Through it, they will discover the much sought fountain of youth.


 Those that follow the unhealthy path, one that favors inactivity, high protein, fat and refined sugar will develop chronic diseases.


Most Americans are unable to take advantage of the potential of self-care because they are already unhealthy.


Some depend on prescription medication to control their illnesses while others are shepherded into following unhealthy diet scams to lose weight.

This program is essentially a strategy to prevent arthritis and a natural method to avoid the triumvirate of chronic diseases; obesity, diabetes and atherosclerosis.


These nutritional diseases have become the legacy of baby-boomers.



These diseases were avoidable and could have been prevented.

Instead, they are now at epidemic proportions, especially among our children.

Exercise can save future generations from this ignoble fate.

This is program of eating well and exercising hard.

It combines intense exercise with colorful nutrition to stimulate good health.


Health is best maintained through a combination of colorful foods and functional exercises.