The American healthcare system has evolved into a byzantine business that spans the gap between the forces of unhealthiness and the beneficiaries of disease.

It is a syatem built on sophisticated lab tests, powerful drugs and invasive surgeries. CYA medicine.

Saving lives through surgical and pharmaceutical intervention is designed to prevent sick people from dying and extending the lives of the ill.

PIMPcare is the term I use to describe this implementation of impersonal, prescription. based medical care, which is the essence of sedentary medicine and the foundation of PIMPcare.


PIMPcare is the use of drugs, surgeries and tests to extend life.

While this seems like an honorable goal there are far too many patients who don’t improve the quality of life with this practice. 

The only thing it seems to assure is that they will live much longer and thus be able to receive more treatments.

In fact that is the credo, the Venture Capitalists live by. They, who have now setup shop in the healthcare arena plan on doing to the whole country what they did to the financial markets.

This is obviously good for the providers and investors in PIMPcare. But what does it say about the individual and the quality of life they are extending?

Or for that matter to our nation and its children who will have to pay the bill?

PIMPcare is a profit driven system that rewards compliance from doctors and promotes unhealthiness in patients. The unhealthiness it promotes is based on a false sense of security that the doctor and the treatments he provides, is the right way to heal.

Physicians who prescribe drugs are rewarded in multiple ways. One is the remumeration they receive for for multiple patient visits, which are required in order for the patient to renew their prescription. This reward is in addition to the monetary incentives, travel junkets, dinners and other perks that PIMPcare companies and their loyalists heap on doctors to guide their choices of which drugs to prescribe.


This, pay to prescribe system, is the predicted result of putting profits before patients. Another reason to end free market medicine.

PIMPcare is a medical philosophy built on tests, drugs, and procedures. It’s a delivery system that often requires more drugs and procedures to treat the first-round of side effects and complications.

PIMPcare thrives on disease. Disease requires treatment and treatment means drugs and billable procedures. Billable procedures, patient co-pays and deductibles describe the financial compensation that doctors and hospitals receive. In this profit-driven system, ill patients are profitable while healthy ones are not.

PIMPcare comprises the superbly trained physicians, dedicated nurses and brilliant researchers who staff its institutions. Due to the proprietary nature of the research conducted by BigPharma and the compensation protocols given to doctors, the decisions made for patients are often based solely on the advice and data provided by the advance men of pharmaceutical companies (called Reps). Unfortunately, the obvious conflict between drug maker and drug prescriber makes their judgement suspect.


The present healthcare structure puts profits before patients and treats medical care as a privilege extended to those with jobs that provide insurance or enough resources to pay for it themselves.

Tests, drugs and procedures are considered covered expenses by the individual’s insurance carrier. Advice, education and prevention are not.


Good nutritional habits, regular exercise and a willingness to take responsibility for good health is the best insurance against disease.


Individuals who refuse to moderate their unhealthy behavior will pay for it with their lives. While this may sound draconian it is the only fair way to lower costs. It is also the only hope to stave off fiscal insolvency. Our government needs to force its corporate citizens to provide healthy foods and ensure that kids develop healthy behavior.

It’s a 1984 solution for our 21st Century plague.


The world of healthcare is in turmoil. Unhealthy patients, overcrowded facilities, millions of uninsured, expensive and toxic drugs, invasive treatments and lack of a preventive program are just a few of the problems. We are at the crossroads and don’t even know it.

The powers that run healthcare have lost sight of what they were intended to do. They were supposed to be the protectors of the nation’s health by vigilantly protecting the health of individuals.. This system has to be fixed. Our nation’s survival depends on it.

Failing to plan is a plan for failure.


Mandatory exercise, free coverage.

Insurance premiums paid with calories burned. High taxes on unhealthy foods, credits for green foods. Penalties on businesses who manufacture addictives. This would constitute a great start.

Good health needs to be rewarded.


PIG’s massive bureaucracy was supposed to ensure quality in our healthcare system. It has instead produced chaos. It isn’t only that it’s  impotent against the forces of unhealthiness, the PIG has become its ally. Not only have PIG’s agencies failed to protect consumers from the unethical tactics of the food and entertainment industries but they have sanctioned them by their silence.


PIG allowed disease and the business model of profits and poisons to dominate healthcare. They gave the multinationals a source of perpetual future profits.

PIG served up our children as sacrificial lambs to the god of business, the almighty dollar. They did this despite knowing the pain, unhappiness and illness they were causing.


PIG created a system that is inefficient and leaves the very people who need it most to go without medical coverage.  They now are a burden to everyone with no possibility of getting better. The uninsured are an anchor on the healthcare system. The more they receive treatment, the sicker they become.

PIG facilitated the corporate malevolence that produced thalidomide babies in the sixties, the Fen-Phen folly of the eighties and the Vioxx and Avandia scandals of today.

PIG successfully cloaked the debate on health and disease around a smokescreen of constitutional issues and legal mumbo jumbo. Their minion argue that a government intrusion into the lives of Americans is unnecessary and an infringement on personal liberty. And claim drug makers know what’s best them and should be allowed to charge whatever they deem reasonable.  It is clear that the real goal of PIG is to help its members earn bigger and bigger profits


It was naive for anyone to believe that the creators of this plan,  congressional aids, lobbyists, advisory groups and special interests who shape our laws would bite the hand that feeds it. Of course not.

They have twisted our most precious freedom, the freedom of speech, and bent it into a convoluted maze of disinformation. They have created and enforced laws that protects businesses while these same businesses are allowed to pollute our children’s minds and bodies.


What a mess.

Drugs are today’s therapy of choice.  Physicians treat diseases with drugs, it’s the modern method of healing.  They aren’t trained in prevention as the pioneers of healing were. Then again, the Ancient healers weren’t up against the likes of FEMA.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent researching and developing new drugs.  Since they take over a decade to gain FDA approval, they are a big investment. They also require follow up or Phase IV trials And since the pharmaceutical industry only invests in sure things; they must know something.

They are banking on these diseases being around for a long time and don’t expect FEMA’s forces to be reigned in anytime soon.


In a compassionate society everyone is entitled to the pursuit of health and happiness.  Government’s responsibility is to ensure this right is not infringed upon.

The American government is comprised of an army of politicians, civil servants, regulators, lawyers and lobbyists. These PIGticians are like vultures, as they prey on a decaying system. Congress and the agencies of the FDA, USP, FTC, USDA, and DHHS are teaming with them as they feed off illness and fight over regulatory turf. The PIG has hijacked healthcare.


Pigticians provide themselves with excellent healthcare benefits and then place roadblocks to prevent the rest of us from receiving those same quality plans and offer instead more of the status quo.

They set the rules governing drug approval then let BigPharma fund the process. As it stands now, BigPharma pays the salaries of the approvers of its drugs and then has the audacity to call this  incest a savings to the taxpayer.  Under this arrangement they are free to dictate what is charged for their drugs and which research gets funded.

For example, the search for new anti-retorviral drugs that are used to manage AIDS are fully funded while vaccine research only minimally so. It is clear why.  The funded treatment represents a lifetime of income, a vaccine, a shot in the dark.  Drug companies don’t want this kind of success. They want drugs that extend lives without removing the offending agent. They want a lifetime of consumption. After all, that is what investors and shareholders value and depend on.


AZT, the first drug approved to treat the disease is now used as part of a cocktail of anti-retrovirals. It represses the virus and prevents resistant strains from developing. As more drugs are added to the cocktail, the more pathways causing illness are repressed. Unfortunately, it also means more profits for the drug companies.

To accomplish some of its goals, BigPharma employs Contract Research Organizations (CRO). These groups provide patients, investigators and other logistics for their drug trials.  CROs provide the data that the pharmaceutical companies use in their drug application to the FDA.

In the case of AIDS, CROs ravaged Africa in search of infected and untreated patients to test their creations on. CROs require those type patients to fulfill the FDA’s requirements and they allow BigPharma to try out a spectrum of antivirals to treat the symptoms of AIDS without fear that some other drug may be responsible. Of course they couldn’t care less about the patients they are testing it on.

If they instead would seek out a population of HIV positive individuals  who are asymptomatic for the disease, they might find a real vaccine. But AIDS patients are a cash cow to BigPharma and vaccines are one-shot deals. Nevermind the misery they eliminate.


BigPharma is more interested in protecting their drug creations in court than in improving health. They aren’t interested in sharing what they’ve discovered. Their goal isn’t patient health or our country’s future. They are only concerned with their profits. If it was up to them they would extend the life of their patents indefinitely.  So they are constantly on the lookout for new uses for their old drugs. Sometimes they combine it with another drug to create a new protocol, which thereby extends its life. They aren’t about to write off their investment just because the patent has expired. They don’t care if patent protections cause their drugs to become too expensive.

Statins for example, are being repackaged and bundled with other drugs to extend their expiring patents and confer a new use and a new life to their makers. This will keep the price of their drugs in line with the cost of Beluga caviar.

Amgen’s recent court victory over Roche on the basis of patent infringement, demonstrates how litigation can be a double edged sword. It protects the better layered client on the basis of law not science.

PIG Nation

The America government has lied, misrepresented and mismanaged us into fighting wars, building tortilla fences and funding a Maginot line in space.  Its agencies of the FDA, USP and the USDA along with the Department of Health and Human Services have failed in its goal of protecting the health, safety and well-being of Americans. They allowed the poisoning of children’s psyches.

Furthermore, they allowed a swarm of lobbyists, lawyers and politicians to spread the gift of graft and convert the art of healing into a corrupt medical system.  A system that flourished as consumers became hooked on the instruments of disease and the treatments that manage them.

They allowed these non-scientists to determine public policy. They repressed stem cell research, promoted creationism as alternate science, demonized a woman’s right to choose and criminalized the use of marijuana. Fortunately, America has a new president with a bold, new agenda.


PIG granted BigPharma exclusivity in terms of the method doctors use to treat disease (drugs of course) and how much they can charge for them. These drugs are approved for use by the USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) and are often the only protocols, covered by medical insurance, which means it’s the only form of treatment that is paid for by insurance.

Congressional thriftiness, an oxymoronic term if ever there was one, saved taxpayers the cost of paying for the drug approval studies performed by the FDA. Let them pay for their own studies they said and so the FDA now receives its fees from the companies that are sponsoring the drugs they are reviewing.

This conflict of interests and transparent corruption explains how Big Pharma is free to earn obscene profits from selling drugs which aren’t safe.  It also explains how they are free to balance the immediate profits from potentially deadly drugs versus the long-term losses they can expect from global lawsuits years down the road.

PIG and its flunkies at stood silent as neuromarketers ran roughshod through the hearts, minds and blood vessels of children.  The FTC allowed FEMA to use a child’s mind as a billboard for their brand marketing strategies, repetitive messaging while the USDA permitted their meals to contain unhealthy meats spiked with addictive chemicals. Malfeasance at the FDA and the USP further condemned these kids to a lifetime of illness.


PIG granted food companies the right to manufacture, market and serve foods, embedded with unnatural products like trans-fat, high-fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated canola oil and toxic preservatives. They gave them this power without even determining if they knew or even cared about the consequences these altered products would produce on healthy cells nor what dysfunction they would cause on their metabolism.

These are the foods responsible for causing the chronic diseases  that are at epidemic levels in America. The manufacturers of these unhealthy products, much like the tobacco companies, are not going to remove the embedded, addictive components. They will never willingly, jeopardize their profits by granting the addicts of its products the freedom to quit.


Addictive foods need to be regulated as if they were addictive drugs. In fact they pose more of a danger to long-term health than recreational drugs.


FEMA, PIMP and PIG are not alone in promoting disease. We as parents and educators must shoulder some of the blame. While we  knowingly preach to our children the value in studying and working hard academically, we care nothing about what they eat or whether they exercise or not.

Our concern is over grades and earnings, not sweat and calories. We have programmed our children to live up to the dreams we gave them. It’s no wonder they don’t know who to trust.



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